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US Mix to Go On-line with Products to Suppliers and Distributors

U.S. Mix is a premier blending and packaging company located in Denver, Colorado. U.S. Mix packages under trademarks U.S. Mix, U.S. Spec, Sakrete, Pakmix, R-Mix, Q-Bond and Terson, along with custom toll blending for many quality customers. The web site is located at http://www.usmix.com

U.S. Mix was formed in 1968, as a division of the Rio Grande Co., a privately-held company founded in 1908. Products produced include cement mixes, sands, cements, grouts, fastsets, hydraulics, stuccos, colors, vinyl, blacktop patches, bonders, light weights, mortars, thin sets, and more.

HostWorks, Inc., an Internet web design firm will provide web hosting and design services for U.S. Mix. HostWorks, Inc., based in Denver, CO, provides design services, consulting, site hosting and maintenance, utilizing high-speed T-1 phone lines, secure transaction servers and in-house support systems. In addition, HostWorks provides 28.8k/33.6k and ISDN dial-up and dedicated services.

"We have built an Extranet-based solution to provide tech sheets and product information for their distributors and sales representatives 24-hours a day", says Paul Gilpatrick, President of HostWorks, Inc.

HostWorks, Inc. can be contacted at 303-322-7100 or info@hostworks.com

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