HostWorks Managed Services

Your site is done — new look, quality information, robust e-commerce functions — you’re ready for business. Then reality hits. Can you actively manage your site going forward? Does your company have the knowledge base to also manage your web servers with the effort and financial investment that is required? Does your company have the internal resources or an IT department to handle your software and hardware? And if you do, is that truly the best use of your resources?

Let HostWorks answer those questions for you. Get peace of mind knowing that we are monitoring your site and servers 24x7x365. Know that you have a partner in HostWorks, someone on call to update your site, install security patches, keep your hardware current and safe and respond to your concerns.

Services offered:

  • Email Defense & Message Archiving
  • Migration Services
  • Server Management
  • Patch & Security Management
  • Automatic updates & maintenance.
  • Multi-tiered backup solutions
  • DNS
  • Multi-point Monitoring